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Where did Z.I.A.D. begin?

Z.I.A.D. Healthcare for the Underserved Inc. is a 501c3 Non Profit organization that came to be in 2002 when four individuals sat down and looked for ways to help provide access to the uninsured. Specifically they looked at those that fall through cracks, some 46,000,000 people in the United States. These are the people that work part time jobs (making them unqualified for governmental assistance), and receive no coverage from their employers, and cannot afford the premiums of health insurance.

Z.I.A.D. derives its name from the names of its founders Ray Zak, Iqbal Nasser MD, Ibraham Ahmed ND, Theodore Densley MD. Z.I.A.D. primarily works with private doctors to find a primary care home for the uninsured on a sliding scale program where they receive reduced office costs based on federal poverty guidelines.

If you are a primary care office and would like to participate in the program please call 313-815-8767.


Sliding Scale Medical Clinics that are accepting new Primary Care patient referrals in ZIAD’s program: Accepts Uninsured or Medicare poor
Wayne County
164 Fort St. Suite E
Trenton,MI 48183
Call 734-637-3984

Macomb County
CBM Health Care Inc.(Non Profit) 
42627 Garfield Rd Suite 213
Clinton Township,MI 48038

CBM Medical and Mobile
At Elite Therapy
2449 E. 12 Mile Rd.
Warren, Mi 48092

Elite Physical Therapy
Sliding Scale Physical Therapy for low income and uninsured
2449 E. 12 Mile Rd.
Warren, Mi 48092

Oakland County
Mary Lee Community Health Center
22720 Woodward Ave 
Suite 204
Ferndale, MI 48220
Call 248-291-6582 Fax 248-850-8025

CBM Health Care Inc.(Non Profit) 
31 Oakland Ave Suite E
Pontiac, MI 48342
Call 248-977-3062

Genesee County
CBM Health Care Inc.(Non Profit)
2415 Owen Rd, Suite B,
Fenton, MI. 48430
Call 313-815-8767
All counties listed here assistance for frail elderly medications
applications with pharmaceuticals call 313-815-8767

J&B Medical Supply Co. Works With Z.I.A.D.

J&B Medical Supply Co Inc is offering exclusive pricing to all Z.I.A.D. participating physicians as well as to all “ safety net” clinics and physicians providing medical services to patients under the Wayne County Health Authority – Primary Care Network.

Because of the humanitarian efforts of these clinics and physicians, J&B feels compelled to help defray some of the cost of medical supplies utilized while providing care to these patients.

We would like to organize a purchasing group with interested clinics in this organization, this would enable each clinic to purchase what they need and yet obtain volume discounts based on what the entire group purchases.

J&B can also provide discounted retail products like diapers and incontinent products as well as a full line of diabetic supplies and meters (some at no charge) through the same distribution system that we exclusively provide to the State of Michigan’s dual eligible population.

I am very happy to be able to offer this to my colleagues and hope that this may entice other physicians to join this Primary Care Network and continue to help the under privileged and underserved.

Ray Zak, President, Z.I.A.D. Health Care for the Underserved
Contract Administrator, J&B Medical Supply Co Inc. (248) 896-6217

In the News

Board President Receives Award

On August 9, 2022 Ray Zak the president of the board of ZIAD received a prestigious award from the Wayne County Health Authority for the work done by him in leadership of ZIAD Healthcare for the Underserved.

The plaque was awarded and titled “The Best Safety Net Award” with the following inscription:

“On The ninth day of August , 2022, in recognition for extraordinary commitment and service to community health care, we recognize Ray Zak.” The plaque was signed by Gail Warden and Chris Allen of the Wayne County Health Authority. Congratulations to Ray Zak on his devoted leadership of Z.I.A.D.

ZIAD Participates in Health Fair

ZIAD Health Care for the Underserved participated in a health and community fair at Resurrection Lutheran Church Kelly Rd., Detroit, MI.. ZIAD provided the community with information on services that are available for the uninsured, and also provided Free Blood Pressure screening.The event was a cooperative program of three Lutheran churches in the Detroit area. Many residents turned out for the free information, screening, community togetherness, and some free hot dogs. Click here to see pictures from the event.

As always for information on health care call ZIAD at 313-815-8767

Big ImageA Letter from the Heart

Dear Friends of ZIAD,

I have been blessed my entire life with the luxury of health insurance. My Father provided for me when I was a child, and I have been fortunate enough in my adult life to provide coverage for myself and my family. Recently, however, my son was stricken with a very rare blood disorder, and we were forced to live in a children’s hospital in Los Angeles for many weeks. I was able to see, first hand, how such a tragedy can financially ruin a family.

The bill for merely the first two weeks in the hospital came to just over $99,000 dollars. One bag of transfusable blood alone cost over $700 dollars. Our son faces a minimum of another 12 to 18 months of treatment. Without insurance, we would have been forced to declare bankruptcy, at the very least. There are thousands of families seeking care for loved ones with life-threatening and chronic afflictions every day. Sadly, the truth is there are many, many families that are turned away from facilities in this great country, only because they do not have enough medical insurance. Please help the gracious people of ZIAD provide care for the underinsured. If you have ever had a loved one need medical attention, you know the urgency of their mission.

Thank you, and may God bless your family with perfect health,

Paul Ganus

The Problem :

Nearly 46 million Americans, including more than 8 million children, are living without health insurance – forced to gamble every day that they won’t get sick or injured. That’s a risk no one should have to take. Uninsured Americans live sick and die younger than those with health insurance. Just one serious illness or injury can wipe out an uninsured family’s bank account, and the problem is getting worse.


Big ImageTo provide health care, health education, physical fitness and other programs to uninsured, under insured, poor, working poor families, and individuals. To provide access to health care in underserved areas, and to the frail elderly.

3 Year Major Goals:

1) Expand the network of Private doctors offices, and services working with Z.I.A.D. Healthcare for the Underserved that provide primary healthcare as well as other services to underserved, poor, and working poor, and on a sliding scale basis to other geographical areas.

2) Expand services and assistance to the frail elderly

3) To participate and collaborate with other organizations helping the uninsured or underinsured.

3) To participate and collaborate with Specialty, Pharmacy, Hospital, Dental and other programs to help the uninsured..

4) To identify, apply for and obtain grants that provide screening and outreach to identify disease early up.



Donations: ZIAD Health Care for the Underserved Inc. is open to all donations public and private and has received Tax Exempt Status with the IRS (#75-3080830).

Donations can be made to ZIAD Health Care via PayPal. Below are buttons that you can use to donate now. We appreciate your donations very much.